• Graduated B.Sc with first class honours in computing.
  • I have extensive prior experience in the IT manufacturing sector.
  • My most recent experience was as a Logistics analyst at IBM's server manufacturing plant.
  • I spent 8 months interning as a software engineer in IBM where I worked on developing an automated testing system.
  • I am proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools and testing methodologies.
  • I have past experience dealing directly with customers and resolving customer complaints.

Further Education

I am very keen to continue increasing my skill set. During my final year at college I became very interested in the fields of Data Analytics and Data Visualization. I am focusing my further learning efforts in these areas but I am also learning further computer languages and eager to hone my Java, R , Web Development and Python skills.  

Movies & Music

I am an avid cinema goer and love all forms of music. I go to the cinema at least once per week and enjoy geeking out over the latest movies with friends.


My major hobby for the last 20 years has been boardgames. I'm a huge fan of eurogames such as Settlers of Cataan, Carcassonne, 1870, Alhambra and countless others.

Archery & SCA

I'm a member of the Dun in Mara Society for Creative Anachronism group. My main focus here is on traditional archery. I practice my shooting at least once a week and while I'm certainly no Robin hood, I shoot reasonably well.


  • 2016
  • Final Year of College

    September 2015 - June 2016

    During my final year in college I studied:

    • Advanced Java with a focus on distributed systems.
    • Strategy Management.
    • Applied Artificial Intelligence.
    • Change Management.
    • Business and Network Security.

    My final year project used R to provide a data visualization of outlier events in server log files. This project was graded 85%. My final grade for college was first class honours.

  • 2015
  • Interning at IBM

    January 2015 - September 2015

    During this period I worked at IBM on a project to automate the test processes for their SameTime connect product. The project was Java based with a heavy focus on Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber. My duties were to design, program, document tests and to develop the Domain Specific Language around functions so that users could quickly develop their own tests.

  • 2014
  • National College of Ireland

    September 2012 - December 2014

    During this period I studied:

    • Object Oriented Programming: Java & C#
    • Advanced Databases: SQL
    • Web Development: HTML, CSS, XML
    • Games development: Unity Engine
    • Networking
    • Project Management & Information Management
    • PHP



Mobile: (353)0868306323

Email: rogersjoh@gmail.com